2010 Utah, NOW it's time to buy your Home!

We continue to move to the end of 2009 and soon will see the beginning of 2010.  What will happen?  That's the big question.


Industry at least from what I see in Utah has started getting back on it's feet.  Furlough's are over, overtime is back and people are being hired again.

Many of the analysts and experts seem to think our results in Real Estate will be similar to 2009.  They have guessed at home values dropping another 5-10% during 2010.  If they are right then Buyers will definitely remain in the drivers seat and continue to get into a house at very low prices.

Sellers the outlook seems pretty bleak.  The most important factors you need to have is to be Priced right and to have the best marketing campaign for your home.  If you really have to move you may need to look at other options such as owner financing etc.

Buyers 2010 this is your year!  If you've been waiting for the best time to act it's here right now.  If you wait too long you may miss out on something great. 

There are 3 reasons for you to act quick:

1 - Interest Rates are very low 4.75%-5.75% which is excellent!

2 - Tax Credits $8000 for First Time Home Buyers, $6500 for those who have lived in their primary residence for over 5 years and who buy a new primary residence.

3 - Home values are LOW, you can get more house for the money.

There is a great article by CNNMoney.com here:



-Phil Graves-


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